Uses of Transaction Commons

Business Acquisition (M&A) Commons

How Deals Get Done®

Transaction Commons organizes documents and information for a specific transaction like a virtual data room.   The organized collection of information and documents are available to a clearly defined team working to complete that transaction.  Transaction Commons also provides a complete history of all negotiated agreement versions - eliminating the wasted time and potential errors that result from searching emails or shared folders for document versions.  From the letter of intent, to the definitive agreements and closing, and through any post-closing working capital adjustments or dispute resolution, all shared transaction documents and information are available on Transaction Commons and visible from our Transaction Dashboard®

Contract Commons

Organized Negotiation for Your Important Contracts

Transaction Commons makes agreement negotiation more organized and efficient.  Every agreement essentially defines a transaction or series of transactions, but sometimes the term "transaction" suggests a short term or isolated arrangement.  Many contracts are much more than that - they guide a relationship that will exist for years or decades.  In these situations it is critical that the important long term relationship not be scarred by the frustration and negativity of a wasteful transaction process.  Transaction Commons is even more valuable in these ongoing relationship contracts.

Commercial Real Estate Commons

Get Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Deals Done

Effectively complete commercial and residential real estate purchase and financing transactions.  Share due diligence information like photos, inspection reports, surveys, and financial information.  Exchange and track versions of agreements and other transaction documents with the team of owners, buyers, tenants, brokers, accountants, title company personnel and attorneys.

Commercial Finance Commons

Secure Collaboration for Commercial Loan and Lease Transactions

Keep commercial loan and lease transaction documents and information organized for fastest negotiation and closing.

Investment Commons

Private Company Investor Communications

Distribute and collect investment information, capital call notices, and tax documentation.  All are accessible to a defined set of users, including investors, financial advisers, accountants, and attorneys.  Your Investment Commons can be organized around an individual investor's investment or an overall private placement investment transaction.

Escrow Commons

A Neutral Platform for Escrow Documentation

Transaction Commons keeps all parties to a closing or post closing escrow organized and on the same page.

Project Commons®

Team Collaboration on Projects

Transaction Commons lets you organize and manage documents and information to efficiently complete projects that are not traditional "transactions."  A project team is defined and a uniform set of project documents and information is available to all team members.

Dispute Resolution Commons

A Neutral Site to Support Dispute Resolution

Transaction Commons provides an ideal platform for sharing background information, and hopefully settlement document drafts, as part of the dispute resolution process, which could include mediation or arbitration.

Compliance Commons®

An Organized Platform for Your Compliance Materials

It is often best to manage and organize compliance materials somewhere other than your company's internal file server.  Transaction Commons provides a secure third party platform that can be used for the dedicated purpose of providing employee access to compliance materials, like policies, training videos, annual questionnaires and reporting forms.


Dynamic Dataroom® - Ongoing Management of Business Documents

Even if you're not in a transaction, it pays to organize, manage and update business critical documents and information - ready for access by current management, a potential buyer, or a business succession team.

Common Dataroom - A Multi-Party Virtual Dataroom

In some transactions it is important to collect information from multiple internal sources and external parties.  Transaction Commons offers a platform designed for this kind of multi-party managed virtual dataroom.  We call it our Common Dataroom.

In all of these business transactions and projects, the key elements of our Commons® platform are essential:


Track negotiated document versions and keep transaction information organized in one place.


Each party can control who has access to the transaction and who can see details about their team's transaction activity.


Exchange transaction documents and information more securely than using email.


Reasonably priced by the transaction or in multiple transaction bundles.