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Business and M&A Transactions:

How Deals Get Done®

Transaction Commons organizes documents and information for a specific transaction. It provides an organized collection of information and documents available to a clearly defined team working to complete that transaction or project. Transaction Commons eliminates the wasted time and potential errors that result from searching emails or shared folders for information and document versions by collecting everything in one place. From the letter of intent, to the definitive agreements and closing, and through any post-closing working capital adjustments or dispute resolution, Transaction Commons is the common ground for all shared transaction documents and information.

Transaction Commons will also streamline other document and information management situations:

NDA CommonsTM

Each party’s legal counsel and authorized transaction team members will all have access to (and prompt notification of) Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) drafts as they are posted. When desired, we can offer a sample NDA template as a starting point.

Virtual DataRoom

Transaction Commons provides an efficient repository of documents and information to support the transaction or project.

When it is not appropriate for one transaction party to have control over user access and visibility into details about another party’s activity in reviewing documents, Transaction Commons can serve as a neutral repository.

Investment CommonsTM

Private Equity and Angel Investor Reporting

Distribute and collect investment information, capital call notices, and tax documentation. All are accessible to a defined set of users, including investors, financial advisers, accountants and attorneys. Your Investment Commons can be organized around an individual investor’s investment or an overall private placement investment transaction.

Project Commons®

for Team Collaboration

Transaction Commons lets you organize and manage documents and information to efficiently complete projects that are not traditional “transactions.” A project team is defined and a uniform set of project documents and information is available to all team members.

Dynamic DataRoomTM

for Ongoing Management of Business Documents

Transaction Commons lets you organize and manage business-critical documents and information, including agreements and corporate records (minute books). Whether you are building your business for the next generation or for an anticipated exit transaction, it is critical to have a robust and current document and information archive – available to current management, a potential buyer, or your business succession team.

Estate Plan CommonsTM

Use Transaction Commons to collect and manage key estate planning documents, including current document versions in process as well as archived executed documents. Access can be provided to your professional team and others as desired.

Benefit Plan CommonsTM

The need for control and organization is particularly strong in the case of 401(k) plans, with their broad scope of document and information requirements. By defining the team responsible for various aspects of the plan, and ensuring that consistent information is available to all of them, Transaction Commons helps eliminate the risk of inconsistent or incomplete documentation and inefficient or incorrect operation.

ADR CommonsTM

Transaction Commons provides an ideal platform for sharing background information and evidence (and hopefully settlement document draft versions) as part of the mediation or arbitration process.

In all of these situations, TC’s key elements are essential:

Organized icon


Track negotiated document versions and keep transaction information organized in one place.

Neutral icon


Each party can control who has access to the transaction and who can see details about their team’s transaction activity.

Secure icon


Exchange transaction documents and information more securely than using email.

Affordable icon


Reasonably priced by the transaction or in multiple transaction bundles.

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