Transaction Commons Receives Its Third Patent on Transaction Process Efficiency Advances

Transaction Commons, a cloud-based solution for the exchange and organization of transaction and project documents and information, is pleased to announce the issuance of its third patent, US Patent No. 9,552,340.   Reflecting another of Transaction Commons’ innovative approaches to transaction and project document and information management, this invention streamlines document negotiation by allowing users to create the most relevant “redline” comparison of document versions within Transaction Commons.

Additional Transaction Commons patents address other issues in the document negotiation and management process.  The invention in US Patent No. 8,856,175 provides for multiple transaction administrators, each having visibility into user access information only for the participants in the transaction that are on their team.   US Patent No. 9,454,527 protects our unique approach to identifying finalized negotiated documents that show that the physical document being signed matches the final negotiated electronic version.

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