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Taking Care of Transactions

Transaction Commons provides a secure and organized repository for documents and information in negotiated business transactions.  The TC Common Space platform is the first step in transaction efficiency. But in some situations, our customers need more, and we offer these additional services:

Transaction Support Services

We offer a more hands-on approach to transaction management.  This can include:

  • Due diligence folder customization and organization
  • Transaction document (and exhibit) coordination
  • Transaction negotiation mediation
  • Coordination of closing document completion
  • Archiving of documents after transaction closing

Lean Transaction® Services

In other situations, our customers need help reviewing and improving their overall transaction processes.  Our Lean Transaction consulting and planning services identify opportunities to improve the overall transaction process.  A key element of this service is its consideration not only of the customer's operational structure and procedures, but also those of its transaction counterparties.

Consider our Starting Point® Package for Your Next Transaction

  • Standard document templates ready for negotiation
  • A standard checklist to streamline due diligence
  • An organized platform to keep the transaction process efficient

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