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Practical Advice for an Efficient Transaction Process

Revenge of the Unread – Part 2

Over a year has passed since we warned of the risk of signing unread documents in Revenge of the Unread. It’s no surprise, but many signers are still not reading documents before agreeing to the contents. If anything, operating in today’s more virtual world leads to even more opportunities to “click to agree.”  Agreeing without…
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Taking Care of Your Reputation

“Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?”  The media was asked that often-quoted question by a wrongly accused government official more than 30 years ago.   Repairing a damaged reputation takes years – if it’s even possible. Your reputation is precious and in the world of complex transactions, whether you are a…
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Taking Care of Your Transaction

You know about “taking care of business.”    But what does it mean to take care of a business transaction – especially an important M&A transaction?   To us it means keeping the transaction moving forward, on time, and with organization and clarity.  It means spending time, ideally every day, on the transaction and always looking for…
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The Signing Pen Mindset – Your Signature Means A Lot!

It may sound quaint or old-fashioned, but there was a time when a seasoned business executive would keep a special “signing pen” for executing important agreements.   Using a special pen for significant transactions captured the mindset that by writing their name, the signer had approved the agreement and accepted responsibility for the transaction.   The agreement…
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Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle: Wrapping Up the Transaction That Doesn't Close

Transaction Commons prides itself on being “Where Deals Get Done,” but we’re really about helping our clients run an effective and efficient transaction process.  And sometimes deals don’t get done. There are important process steps to wrap up a failed transaction that are sometimes ignored, and we think are worthy of a reminder.  One of…
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Herding Cats into an Efficient Transaction

After more than a decade of trying to make negotiated transactions more efficient – either as a transaction lawyer or running Transaction Commons – the best way to describe the effort, and too often its hope for success, is herding cats.   The classic Electronic Data Systems Cat Herders commercial from years ago presents the challenge.…
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Are You Signing the Right Document?

It’s finally here – signing day for your transaction.  The document may be in your email (or sent by an electronic signature application) and ready for your signature.  So perhaps signing is as easy as a simple click.  Or maybe the printed paper agreement is laying on your desk or sitting in front of you…
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The Efficient Transaction Playbook

What is “transaction efficiency”? Transaction efficiency means minimizing the waste of time, effort and money in the completion of a business transaction.  Transaction efficiency is not the same as transaction “effectiveness.“   Effectiveness of a transaction is a function of whether the transaction delivers the desired result.  For a complex business acquisition/sale transaction, effectiveness requires a…
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Revenge of the Unread

At Transaction Commons we are focused on transaction efficiency.  Transaction efficiency refers to the transaction process – minimizing the waste of time, effort and money in the interactions between parties.  Transaction efficiency is built around organization and effective communication, and offers the additional benefits of reduced confusion and aggravation.  A transaction process that is not…
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