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A Collaboration Platform for Negotiating Business Transactions 


Keep transaction information organized in one place with ready access to all documents.


Treat your transaction information with the confidentiality it deserves.


Let each party control who can see details about their team's transaction activity.


Manage costs with reasonable "by the transaction" pricing or with a convenient subscription.

Why Transaction Commons?

"There at least two parties to every transaction, and unless all of them are organized and communicating effectively, the transaction suffers.  It takes longer and costs more money - and is frustrating and stressful for everyone involved.  At worst, you end up with errors, a transaction that falls apart, or a relationship that is poisoned.  We hated these situations and that is why we built Transaction Commons."  Bob Marsh.  Founder of Transaction Commons;  Business Transaction Attorney since 1986.

Our Goal: Efficiency Throughout the Transaction Process

Due Diligence

Start with an organized and complete virtual data room, accessible to the transaction teams without new software installation required.


Streamline negotiations with organized version and exhibit collaboration, with a full archive of all prior versions and no doubt about which is the most current.


Close with an accurate and coordinated signing process - whether electronic or a traditional physical signing.


Conclude the transaction process with efficient collaboration on working capital adjustments, escrow completion, or post-closing issues.

Download a PDF Overview of Transaction Commons

Take Care of Your Transaction!

Transaction Commons is More Than a Virtual Data Room

Sharing due diligence information in a Virtual Data Room has streamlined that part of the transaction process.  But a disorganized negotiation process (almost always email-based) wastes time and money, risks errors, and is aggravating!

And is More Efficient, Accurate, and Secure Than Email


A more organized transaction saves money and time and is completed more quickly.


Reduce the risk of working from outdated information or the wrong agreement version.


Keep transaction documents and information confidential and secure.