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Elements of an Efficient Transaction


Organize Information

Provide a virtual data room to organize documents and information.


Manage Versions

Make document creation, negotiation and management more organized and efficient.


Define the Team

Authorize consistent access to the whole project team.

The Transaction Commons Solution … A Virtual Data Room … and More



Create Your Common Space®

For most transactions, your Common Space will include a Transaction Space for versioned documents (like agreement drafts) and a Reference Document Space for existing documents (like due diligence materials).

Transaction Space

Lets you manage and share versions of transaction or project documents. This space eliminates the complexity of figuring out which document version is the most current, while affording access to all prior drafts in exactly the form previously reviewed.

And when you’re ready to complete the transaction or finish the project. with Transaction Commons there is no question as to which versions are “final.”

Reference Document Space

Serves as a document repository or virtual data room for documents and information with a customizable folder structure and multiple document upload capability.



Authorize Users

Three different user access levels afford varying levels of transaction participation, from read-only users, to users with the ability to post documents, to transaction administrators with broader rights, including the right to authorize other users.



Share Documents and Information

As the transaction progresses, each user’s Transaction Dashboard® provides information on recent activity in his or her transaction and easy access to the transaction documents and information.



Complete Your Transaction!

Transaction Commons: The Neutral Transaction Space™

For situations where one party should not be in sole control of authorized users and available documents and information, TC offers a neutral alternative. In this patented configuration, each transaction party has an administrator with the ability to authorize their own set of users, control their users’ level of access and document activity, and review their users’ activity.

Use Transaction Commons’ Starting Point™ For Your Next M&A Transaction

  • Standard document templates ready for negotiation
  • A standard checklist to streamline due diligence
  • An organized platform to keep the transaction process efficient

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