Transaction Commons lets you organize and manage documents and information to more efficiently complete transactions and projects.  Using Transaction Commons, a team of authorized users exchange documents and information in a secure and organized workspace.

Originally developed as a tool for managing business transactions, Transaction Commons streamlines communication and collaboration in a variety of project settings.  Some uses of Transaction Commons include:

  • Transaction Document Version Management
  • Due Diligence Virtual Data Room
  • Private Equity and Angel Investor Reporting
  • Dynamic Dataroom™ for Ongoing Management of Business Documents
  • Project Commons™ for Team Collaboration

Built Around the Transaction or Project

Our document and information management solution is built and organized around a specific transaction or project.  It is not a complex web of shared folders with different user permissions.  It is an organized collection of information and documents available to a clearly defined team working to complete a particular transaction or project.  Transaction Commons eliminates the wasted time and potential errors that result from searching emails (or shared folders) for information and document versions by bringing everything shared among the team for that specific transaction or project to one place – Where the Deal Gets Done.

Contact us at info@transactioncommons.com to learn more about Transaction Commons or click Try TC Free to set up a complimentary workspace.

Transaction Commons.® Where Deals Get Done.®