Transaction Commons is an intuitive and easy-to-use, cloud-based, private solution for completing transactions and projects.  Using Transaction Commons, a team of authorized users exchange documents and information in a secure, organized, web-accessible, and reliable workspace.

Originally developed as a tool for managing business transactions, Transaction Commons streamlines communication and collaboration in a variety of project settings.  Some uses of Transaction Commons include:

  • Transaction Document Version Management
  • Due Diligence Virtual Data Room
  • Private Equity and Angel Investor Reporting
  • Dynamic Dataroom™ for Ongoing Management of Business Documents
  • Project Team Collaboration

Our Transaction Philosophy

  • We understand the importance of confidentiality, privacy, and security for your transaction or other project.
  • We believe that logical organization and accessibility of transaction documents is a key element of efficient and accurate transaction completion.
  • It is not always appropriate for one transaction party to have control over user access and details about another party’s activity in reviewing documents.  In those projects, TC can serve as a neutral repository.

Contact us at info@transactioncommons.com to learn more about Transaction Commons or click Try TC Free to set up a complimentary workspace.

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